Unplanned downtime can be catastrophic. eTrack has you covered.

eTrack combines multifunctional sensors, secure communications and our proprietary rules engine to deliver actionable insights via real-time alerts and dashboards through existing channels or APIs to your existing ERP/FM systems

eTrack solves three big problems:

Unplanned downtime
Employee safety
Fleet management complexity


Lost productivity from safety incidents costs US businesses over $60B /year.

Forklifts incidents = $1.8 Billion in lost US productivity.


Annually, 1 in 10 forklifts is involved in a safety incident.

Every four days someone dies in a US forklift incident.

Fleet management complexity

Heavy machinery can last for 60 years or more.

Most fleets have multiple brands, ages, types, and levels of technology.

eTrack’s live dashboards enable visibility of all your assets in one view and integrate with your existing ERP system through APIs.


Predictive alerts for all your equipment enable proactive repairs, up to 10x cheaper than reactive maintenance.

Anticipate and avoid unplanned downtime and accidents in your operations before they happen.

Employee Welfare

We keep operators ahead of equipment failure and incidents to save money and lives.

Managers gain operational insights for training, safety, and OSHA compliance.

One View of Your Fleet

eTrack provides asset tracking, real-time alerts and actionable insights for your heavy equipment of any brand or age.


Real-time Alerts & Dashboards

eTrack provides visibility across different ages, brands, equipment types, and technology levels.

eTrack on the Job

Real time equipment tracking with eTrack

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“We like eTrack’s solution because we don’t want 6 difference platforms to track all of our brands of equipment…our people can’t handle that.”

Director of Support ServicesFortune 500 Warehouse Operator

“Preventive Maintenance rarely happens as you expect … equipment still breaks down.”

VP of OperationsFortune 500 National Franchise

“eTrack’s technology can save time for managers, so they can spend more time with staff and customers.”

Director of Store SupportFortune 100 Retailer

“I really never know what my equipment and people are doing across all of our sites.”

Chief Operating OfficerFortune 500 Contract Service Provider

“Our service tech turnover is 30%; the new people have less experience. With eTrack, we can help our techs be more successful, and get to more customers each day, which adds to revenue.”

Business OwnerRegional Forklift Sales/Service Provider

“I’m confident eTrack will keep me ahead of equipment and operating incidents, helping me save money and lives.”

“I need an all-in-one solution that works with all my owned and leased heavy equipment and helps me reduce operating costs, eliminate downtime, and improve worker safety.”

“We spend far too much money on unplanned downtime and repairs, lost productivity and worker’s comp.”

“eTrack will help us reduce fuel costs and emissions, which also will make our workplace healthier.”

Director Fleet OperationsTop 10 Shipper

“eTrack maximizes the utilization of your rolling assets, eliminating downtime, risk and safety incidents, reducing operating expenses, repair costs and more, all in one simple solution.”

eTrack Tech

“I can finally be proactive in protecting and utilizing my people and equipment.”

“With eTrack, I can plan my capital spending more effectively.”

Director of Asset PlanningFortune 500 Heavy Industry

“We think we have the right amount of equipment. We know it’s not in the right locations.”

VP of OperationsFortune 500 Retailer

“You mean I’ll know where our equipment is and if it’s working or going to break down? Sign me up!”

General Manager Bottling OperationsFortune 500