We are a group of passionate problem-solvers who enjoy working with each other and organizations to help build sales, save money, and keep people safe!


Our operating principles describe how we work:

Relationship-Centered … with each other, investors, supply partners, clients, and their associates

Curious and Persistent … good news is great, but problems are more interesting; we keep going until we find an answer or create one

Courageous … we’re willing to tackle difficult topics with a spirit of collaboration and teamwork

Work with Integrity … building high-quality products and relationships

Good Natured … to the earth and each other

Safe Place … we help build it, and everyone is welcome to be themselves here

If that sounds like you, and you’d like to work with us, gig, part-time, or more, get in touch:

“We spend far too much money on unplanned downtime and repairs, lost productivity and worker’s comp.”

“eTrack maximizes the utilization of your rolling assets, eliminating downtime, risk and safety incidents, reducing operating expenses, repair costs and more, all in one simple solution.”

“I can finally be proactive in protecting and utilizing my people and equipment.”

“I’m confident eTrack will keep me ahead of equipment and operating incidents, helping me save money and lives.”

“I need an all-in-one solution that works with all my owned and leased heavy equipment and helps me reduce operating costs, eliminate downtime, and improve worker safety.”